Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to the Jungle

I have a jungle in my backyard.  The weeds are taking over.  Somebody save us! 

I don't know how it got this bad.  It seems that one day, it was a moderately weedy flower bed waiting for some TLC, and now, it is out of control.
Isn't it lovely?  You can see there are some actual plants that live there, but the scraggly stuff is
definitely getting in the way.

Our flower bed is also equipped with some beautiful wood pieces left over from our veggie garden last year. Totally hillbilly style. Oh yeah, we're awesome!

I began the weeding process yesterday, but with the 100% humidity didn't get very far!  Work in progress. 
I came back in the house to discover chocolate milk covering the majority of the kitchen.  (Which may or may not be a slight exaggeration)  My children had taken it upon themselves to "fix" a snack.  Never a good thing at our house. 
After all that was cleaned up, I decided against going back outside to finish the beds.  The kids totally needed some mom time.
Hopefully today I will get some jungle clearing done.  Pics to come! 


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